After developing skin problems with an expensive department store soap, I looked for a better, safer way  to cleanse. I found a more natural soap base on line and started making soap for myself and friends. They suggested I sell my soap creations so in 2010, after retiring from 20+ years in the science field, I started selling Totally Awesome Soap. These  "all natural" melt and pour soap bases contain coconut oil as the main ingredient so these decorative soaps not only look nice, they also moisturize your skin.

Scented soaps make a great practical gift to say "Thank You," Congratulations," "Happy Birthday," etc. , and our most popular shapes are pictured on this page. We also offer soap in the standard rectangle or round shapes. 

The Wedding Rings/Heart soap has been purchased by customers for bridal shower and wedding favors. This soap is $3.00 each for 1-20 soaps; $2.50 each for 21-50 soaps; and $2.00 each for more than 50 soaps.

The Baby Feet/Heart soap has been used by customers for baby shower favors and is priced at $2.00 each for 1-10 soaps; and $1.50 each for more than 10 soaps.

Two of our best sellers are the Pedicure Soap with Loofah embedded in it ($5.00 each) and the Flip Flop Soap ($4.50 each).



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Totally Awesome Soap